The demolition started at the end of March and will be completed at the beginning of August, all buildings inside Electroaparataj area being mechanically demolished. For the demolition of the former Electroaparataj electrical and electronic products factory, the full range of excavators is employed, from the small IHI 17 used for the demolition of the inner masonry to the Liebherr R 954 excavator.

The total volume to be demolished is 40,000 cubic meters.

After the demolition of the old market, the construction works at the new Obor Market started; it is a multifunctional building with five trunks and two basements and a total built area of 8350 sq.m. Starting in November 2009, when works began, until now, over 8000 cubic meters of concrete have been  cast, the volume increasing in the last months, up to 2000 cubic meters of concrete cast only in April 2010. The works will be completed at mid June 2010.

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