The work under progress is executed according to a technology introduced in Romania by our company since 1998.

Considering the height of the stalk (120 m) and the fact that in the close neighborhood plants of the thermal power station in operation are placed, without disrupting the work, we employed the method of fine demolition, piece by piece. Thus, Atlas Copco 2100 hydraulic shears is used for demolition, mounted on a Liebherr LTM 1500 crane with a 150 m jib, and driven by a large excavator Liebherr R 954, by the extension of the hydrostatic transmission pipelines. A transmission system of the captured images by a video camera placed on top of stalk helps the operator at the ground to drive with maximum precision the hydraulic shears for demolition.

The operation lasts 30 days and represents the most efficient method of demolition for a structure of such a height, being achieved in a very short time, without vibrations and disturbance of the activity within a radius of 25 m, and in conditions of maximum safety.

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