The company APOLODOR executed by tilting the demolition of the management pavilion from the platform from Mioveni, Saturday, February 14th , 2008, at 15:00.

The building, comprising 10 levels (U + GF + 8F) and having a fingerprint on the ground of 960 sqm, was located at only 3 meters far from the new administrative building. The old building had been demolished so that the neighboring building (connected to networks of electricity, water, gas, and perfectly functional) to be not affected.

Following the controlled implosion, for which it has been used a quantity of 90 kg of explosives, the building was tilted to 30 ° towards the parking P3, so that although they were very close, the connection body and the new administrative headquarters were not affected at all.

At a 2 meters distance towards the building fell down there was sewerage in operation, which also remained intact after contact of the pavilion with the ground.

The entire material from demolished buildings was collected in an excavation executed before the implosion, 20 m wide, surrounded by an earth embankment, which had intended also to stop the shock waves.

There was reported no damage (no broken glass at the buildings around), in the exposed photos resulting that also the lighting posts placed at 2 m far from the building remained untouched.

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  1.   Adrian said:

    22 February, 2009 @ 08:59 PM

    cu siguranta va puteti mandri de acest rezultat in care se vede clar: totul a decurs conform calculelor. inca o lucrare reusita care va face cartea de vizita si mai valoroasa !

    am fost printre cei care au asistat la acest eveniment, si ca salariat Dacia dar si ca trecator prin vreme….

    pacat era o EMBLEMA un SIMBOL la Moveni !

    mult succes !

  2.   PAUL said:

    7 March, 2009 @ 04:50 PM


  3.   cirtina mihai said:

    13 March, 2009 @ 02:36 PM

    cu siguranta cea mai tare firma din romania.bravo

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